The goal of this project is to regroup unofficial projects related to the Wifi Rabbit called Nabaztag made by Violet.

List of projects :
NabazClapier : This is a proxy designed for the Nabaztag. It allows you to filter and modify packets sent by the Violet website. You can interface your Nabaztag with other applications.

Useful links :
protocol description : an attempt to understand the protocol and the different kind of packets exchanged between the rabbit and the server.

Nabaztag perl module : a perl module that implements the V1 API from Violet

Nabaztag ruby module : a Ruby library to interface with your Nabaztag

inside Nabaztag : look at a Nabaztag from the inside

Nabazlab : a .NET tool to help you to (dis)assemble Nabaztag's code

Nabazdesk : a java proxy

contact :
Mail me if you want to submit projects and links related to Nabaztag : jg DOT foulon AT Gmail DOT com

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